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Jordan Valley was my original herd name when my ex and I were raising goats. Since I kept my married name and my girls have the last name Jordan.  Jordan Valley Farm seemed fitting when referring to property where we raise our goats. My girls original herd name was Ni-Sa-Mi which is the first 2 intials of their names.

Since the middle child decided not to raise goats anymore the other 2 decided to get their own herd names.

So our new herd names are:

Amber Valley   ~ Amber (Mom)~ND,Nubians,RG

Wisteria Gate ~ Nikita  ~ Nubians ,RG

Martini Farm ~ Mikaela ~ Alpines ,ND,RG

 Our newest family member Aiden McDaniel (Nikita's son) also has his first goat which is a Toggenburg.